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How to choose the best mobility scooter

When it comes to choosing a mobility scooter, many factors come into play. Battery life, turning radius, and price are just some of the features that need to be considered. Read on for some tips on how to choose the right scooter for your needs. There are many different types of scooters, so make sure you read the fine print before making your decision. These tips should help you find the best mobility scooter for you. Read on to find out more about the different types of mobility scooters and what each has to offer.

Electric mobility scooters

There are several things to consider when choosing an electric mobility scooter. For example, you should decide whether you'll be using it inside or outside. Indoor scooters do not have to be as robust as outdoor models. They usually have three wheels instead of four, which makes them easier to manoeuvre indoors. On the other hand, outdoor scooters have larger wheels and are more stable. Both options are good for outdoor use, but some have more benefits than others.

The maximum weight capacity of the electric mobility scooter is also important. The scooter should be large enough for the person to comfortably sit in it. Additionally, check its safety features, including non-tip wheels and easy-to-use brakes. The range of the battery can vary from 12 to 40 km. The battery life will also affect how long the scooter will run. Once you've determined your weight and size, start looking for an electric mobility scooter.

Battery life

The battery life of your mobility scooter is very important to maintain its performance. In order to make your battery last as long as possible, charge it overnight after each use and charge it again once a month. It is also vital to avoid completely draining the battery, as this will drastically reduce the life of your scooter's battery. It is best to charge your mobility scooter when the battery indicator turns yellow, and to keep it charged for at least 6 hours.

The battery life of the best mobility scooter is very important to consider, but it varies from one device to another. Some mobility scooters have two or four batteries. Make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding charging. It is best to use the recommended charger that comes with your mobility scooter. Always check the battery voltage with a multimeter. It is also very important to follow the warranty information, because failure to do so could void your warranty.

Turning radius

You may be interested in finding out how small or large the turning circle of the best mobility scooter is. Generally, smaller turning radius scooters are easier to manoeuvre around narrow spaces, but a larger turning radius scooter can be tougher outdoors. At LYL Mobility we offer many different types of mobility vehicles for every situation. Some scooters are lightweight, with a turning radius of 550mm, while others have a much larger turning circle, ranging from 1600 mm to 2800 mm.

When it comes to turning radius, the smallest is generally the best. A smaller turning radius will allow a wheelchair or scooter to manoeuvre more easily in narrow spaces, such as doorways or hallways. Therefore, if you need a smaller turning radius, you should look for a power wheelchair or mobility scooter with the smallest turning radius. But there are other factors to consider, too. One of the most important factors in choosing the right mobility scooter is its turning radius.


Buying a mobility scooter is an important decision. These motorised devices have the ability to change the lifestyle of a person and make traveling easier. A mobility scooter allows an individual to go where and when they want. Its price is another important factor to consider. Here are some tips for selecting the best mobility scooter. First, determine your needs. What is your lifestyle like? You might want a travel mobility scooter if you are not able to walk for long distances. You can choose a three wheel model if you want to have a tight turning radius.

The cost of a mobility scooter is directly proportional to its design and manufacturing. Typically, these scooters need to be TGA-approved as medical devices before they can be sold. All other expenses are incurred to get the final product to the customer. Some models even have warranty plans to help cover unexpected costs. However, these additional costs tend to push up the price for consumers. Therefore, it's wise to consider the following factors when comparing prices.

At LYL Mobility we ensure that all of our products are of the highest standard, and are quality tested to ensure they meet all the mandatory standards prior to dispatch.

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