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Bariatric Wheelchair Electric Mobility Folding Light-Weight Motorised Aid for Sale-Air Hawk & Falcon


✅ This bariatric wheelchair has two very high quality Brushless Motors
✅ Weight Capacity: 180kg
✅ Airplane approved
✅ Weight with batteries: 28.5kg
✅ Weight without batteries: 25.5kg
✅ Battery Range: 25km
✅ Charging time: 4-6 hours
✅ Air Hawk Colours Available: Silver, Glossy Black, Blue, Copper Brown, Matte Black, Red
✅ Falcon Colours Available: Silver, Blue, Red, Black
✅ Complies with Australian standards!!

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The Bariatric Wheelchair Electric Folding can be considered one of the best new wheelchairs in the Australian Market.

The WD Heavy Duty wheelchair is one of a kind with outstanding durability features and extreme reliability.

Similar to the D09, this lightweight wheelchair WD is equipped with two removable quick-release sleek batteries that are skilfully placed into the side subframe on either side of the foldable power chair. With a press of a button, these can be removed from the front of either side of the seat. The wheelchair has flip-up armrests and footrest for easy access to and from the mobility device.

The Bariatric Electric Folding Wheelchair easily folds in approximately two seconds and can be placed into the boot of most vehicles. It unfolds by simply lifting the bracket upwards. The seat is positioned to optimise the centre of gravity so that it doesn't put you at risk when going up a large hill due to its safety mechanism; it will automatically stop. The WD cushion is covered in an anti-bacterial breathable material that consists of high-quality Oxford fabric and is completely machine washable.


  • This bariatric wheelchair has two very high-quality Brushless Motors
  • Fits easily into the boot of virtually all sedans & hatches.
  • Small and portable for train and airplane travel.
  • Safely supports up to 180kg.
  • Lightweight Aerospace aluminium-alloy frame – No rust.
  • Removable, washable seat cushion and backrest.
  • Solid front and rear tyres – no more punctures.
  • Flip-up footrest.
  • 360° joystick controller.
  • 11.5cm ground clearance – comparable with the top all-terrain models.
  • Two quite brushless motors for ultimate power.
  • Intelligent electromagnetic brake (electronic regenerative disc brake) to ensure passenger safety.
  • Reliable and precise battery-life indicator.
  • 24V/12AH Ion Lithium battery – chargeable on or off-board.
  • One battery per motor – extends the life and better response.
  • It easily travels on different surfaces – Gravel – Grass – Cobbled.
  • Front & rear suspension to reduce shock from different surfaces.

The Bariatric Electric Folding Wheelchair can be easily folded in a couple of seconds and the batteries are neatly tucked into the framework.

Bariatric Seat Cushion width available options:

  • Standard bariatric seat width: 530mm (internal width between two armrests: 540mm)
  • large bariatric seat width: 550mm (internal width between two armrests: 560mm)
  • Extra bariatric large seat width: 580mm (internal width between two armrests: 600mm)

Custom make is available

The bariatric wheelchair can also be customised with a customised cushion, carer bracket, phone holder and many more!

Please enquire to customise your brand new wheelchair


  • Weight Capacity: 180 kg
  • Dimensions L x W: 960 mm x 670 mm
  • Height: 930 mm
  • Seat Width an option: 530 mm, 570 mm and 600mm
  • Seat Depth: 430 mm
  • Folded size: (w) 640 x (h)930 x (d)960mm
  • Overall width: 640 mm
  • Weight with batteries: 28.5 kg
  • Weight without batteries: 25.5 kg
  • Motor Type: 250 W x 2 DC 24 V Brushless
  • Battery Range: 25 km
  • Drive Wheel: 12 inch
  • Front Caster: 7 inch
  • Turning Radius: Turns on own circle
  • Charging time: 4-6 hours
  • Colour options: Black, Blue, Red, Copper Brown, Silver
  • Widening Kit of 80mm: Bariatric Cushion 530mm
  • Widening Kit of 10mm: Bariatric Cushion 550mm
  • Widening Kit of 140mm: Bariatric Cushion 580mm
Falcon Foldable Electric Wheelchair Gilani Engineering

Falcon Foldable Electric Wheelchair

Frequently asked questions:

(general questions and not related to the product)

1- What is a bariatric wheelchair?

A bariatric wheelchair is an electric wheelchair that is wide enough for people that need more room. Our Bariatric wheelchairs are strong enough to withstand higher maximum capacities and loads. Our Air Hawk wheelchair has a maximum weight capacity of 180 kg, meaning that a person weighing up to 180kg can use this wheelchair.

It also means that the bariatric wheelchair is wider than average and fits a person that needs a broader wheelchair. Our Air Hawk bariatric wheelchair is equipped with a widening kit to ensure your comfort and that you have a wheelchair that fits you perfectly.

2- What is the weight limit for a standard wheelchair?

The weight limit for a standard electric wheelchair can range from approximately 100kg-130kg; however, this model is designed to carry up to 180 kg and is classified as Bariatric Wheelchair.

When using a standard wheelchair, if you weigh more, the standard wheelchair is unsafe to use as it might snap or break. The battery charge will last less; you cannot carry any bags or groceries with your wheelchair and if you go over a bump, it is likely to break.

Therefore we recommend purchasing a heavy-duty bariatric wheelchair even if you weigh less than the maximum capacity and mainly if you use it outdoors or have groceries to carry. If you would like a heavy-duty wheelchair without the widening kit as the standard width is suitable, we can arrange this!

3- What size is a bariatric wheelchair?

The good thing about our Air Hawk Bariatric wheelchair is that it fits perfectly between standard doors and is no wider than our standard wheelchairs. Our standard wheelchairs are heavy duty foldable, lightweight and compact, meaning that using a heavy-duty wheelchair does not mean it will be bulky or heavy and only weighs a NET of 25kg!

Here are the dimensions of our compact heavy, duty bariatric wheelchair:

  • Max L with footplate: 950 mm
  • Max L without footplate: 800 mm
  • Max H: 930 mm
  • Seat W: 460 mm
  • Seat D: 440 mm
  • Cushion Height: 55 mm
  • Seat H cushion to the ground: 460 mm
  • Backrest H: 400 mm
  • Folded W: 580 mm
  • Folded L with footplate folded up: 780 mm
  • Folded H: 340 mm
  • Extra Width option (by adding Widening kits): 540 mm, 560 mm and 600 mm
  • Backrest height from the seat, including the backrest rail: 530 mm
  • The arm width is 560 mm, which is an additional 100 mm wider than our standard wheelchair

4- What is a heavy-duty wheelchair?

A heavy-duty wheelchair is a wheelchair that is strong and durable and can carry high maximum weight capacities like our bariatric wheelchair, the Air Hawk, which can carry 180kg! Heavy duty wheelchairs do not necessarily mean it is bariatric wheelchairs.

Our Air Hawk Bariatric wheelchair is bariatric and heavy-duty, meaning that it is wide enough and fit people that need a larger width and also fits people that are heavier or require a wheelchair that withstands higher weight capacities. If a bariatric wheelchair is of poor quality, it has a lower maximum weight capacity, may not be strong enough, and can break easily.

5- What size of wheelchair do I need?

You can determine the size of wheelchair you need by measuring from hip to hip when you are seated.

If your width is less than 50cm, then you can use the standard wheelchair.

If your width is over 50cm, you may be more comfortable in a widened bariatric wheelchair.

However, these are guidelines only and the optimal wheelchair size depends on what you find more comfortable.

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Considerations: Load Capacity for Wheelchair? 
The load capacity of a wheelchair/scooter may change according to the type of ground on which the wheelchair/scooter is used.
The supplier's stated load capacity may have been given for a product tested on flat ground.
However, the load capacity, performance and stability may change when the product is used on an incline.
These factors must be discussed with the supplier, including the maximum gradient on which a wheelchair/scooter should be safely used.


Additional information

Weight35 kg
Dimensions96 × 32 × 93 cm

Air Hawk - Blue, Air Hawk - Glossy Black, Air Hawk - Matte Black, Air Hawk - Red, Air Hawk - Silver, Falcon - Blue, Falcon - Red, Falcon - Silver, Falcon - Yellow

Internal Width

530mm, 560mm, 600mm

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