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Foam Cushions Custom Made Posture Support Pillows and Seats

✅  Custom made foam cushion

✅ Support foam cushions

✅ Cushions for chairs

✅ Altered to your needs

✅ Breathable and durable foam cushions

Call Us Registered NDIS Disability Equipment providers for any other enquiries or a free quote today!
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We design the custom-made foam cushion to meet your requirements.

  • Waterproof cover
  • Breathable cover
  • Zipper for easy removal cover
  • Durable cover
  • Washing Machine Safe
  • Support Back and Spine
  • Any shapes and sizes to inquire directly to us

Frequently Asked Questions:

1- How do I know if I should go with a standard or custom-made cushion? 

A standard cushion for a wheelchair might be a better option for you if you are on a budget and are looking for a pillow to improve your comfort while riding in your wheelchair.

rehabilitation cushion for a wheelchair is suitable if you experience pressure sores and cannot independently get off your wheelchair. Spending long periods in a wheelchair makes you susceptible to developing pressure sores or ulcers, which can develop into infections and other complications. That is why a rehabilitation cushion for a wheelchair is an excellent investment in your health.

Sometimes a custom-made cushion is needed when your electric wheelchair is too low or too high. A custom-made protector can add sufficient height, ensure the ideal knee alignment and posture when seated, and prevent you from developing additional complications.

2- What custom-made cushion outer materials are available for custom cushions for electric wheelchairs? 
  • Breathable Canvas

We chose this material as it is the best fabric to make the cushion. It is washable, breathable, heat-resistant, offers pressure relief and is anti-mould and anti-bacterial. This makes it the perfect material of choice when creating a custom cushion for a wheelchair. If you require a different material, just call us to speak to one of our consultants today as we offer other outer materials based on your choice.

3- Can NDIS fund my electric wheelchair or foam cushion for the wheelchair? 

Yes! We are Registered NDIS providers. Just email with your NDIS number, date of birth and full name, and we can organise a service booking for you.

Custom Seat Cushion High Density Foam Material for Wheelchairs

Whether you need to keep your leg elevated or help with back posture, we can custom make any shape and sized cushion for wheelchair, car, office chair and more.

High Density Foam Cushion in any custom made size or shape

These custom-made cushions keep you seated comfortably whilst driving.

custom made seat cushion can be used for leg, neck, back support

Custom-made cushions for wheelchairs can be used for anything from leg support to neck support.

Custom made foam cushion for leg support for wheelchair seat

Custom-made foam cushion for leg support for wheelchair seats.

Custom Made Foam Cushions for Wheelchair Car and Office Seats

No matter how crazy you think your requirement is, it it's NOT, and we can do it!!

custom made cushion for electric and manual wheelchairs

Custom-made cushions for electric and manual wheelchairs.

Foam Cushions Custom Made Posture Support Pillows and SeatsFoam Cushions Custom Made Posture Support Pillows and Seats

Commode Transfer Chair with custom

made gel support Seating Cushions

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions43 × 47 × 10 cm
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We are a registered NDIS Provider.
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