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Light Foldable Manual Wheelchair with Attendant Brakes and adjustable leg rest


✅ Light Foldable Manual Wheelchair

✅ Durable Aluminium Material

✅ Can assist you in doing the same activities as others

✅ Weight Capacity: 100kgs

✅ Suitable wheelchair for Seniors, Aged Cares and people with Limited Mobility

✅ Self Propelled


Available on back-order



Light Foldable Manual Wheelchair made out of Aluminium Lightweight and Durable includes Attendant Brakes on Handle.

This light foldable manual wheelchair is made of durable and lightweight aluminium material. This light foldable manual wheelchair also includes attendant brakes on the handle, which can be used if the user cannot push themselves. This light foldable manual wheelchair is very diverse. The lightweight and average frame makes the wheelchair usable for everyday activities such as going to the store and doctors, going to school and working.

The light foldable manual wheelchair is also made of durable aluminium metal, which makes it usable for leisurely activities such as going for a walk, going on a picnic or just grabbing a coffee with friends. You can also use this wheelchair in your home and do activities independently in your homes like cleaning, cooking, your laundry. You can even use the bathroom on your own with the help of a transit board, depending on your mobility.

Light Foldable Manual Wheelchair Features:

  • Aluminium frame wheelchair
  • Detachable footrests
  • Flip-up armrests for easy access
  • Hand brake for attendant
  • Wheel brakes for safety
  • Foldable wheelchair
  • Seat height can be adjusted


  • Weight of wheelchair: 13kg
  • Weight capacity: 100kg
  • Wheelchair dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 87 x 65 x 97 cm
  • Seat dimensions (Width x Depth): 46 x 39 cm
  • Handle height: 87 cm
  • Backrest Height: 40 cm
Lightweight Adjustable manual wheelchair with flip up armrest for easy access

Flip-up armrests for easy access to the wheelchair

Heavy duty lightweight manual wheelchair with carer attendant brakes

Attendant handle hand brakes are used if the user requires help controlling the wheelchair.

Manual Lightweight wheelchair with special foldable armrests

Armrests are easy to fold backwards and stored out of the way behind the wheelchair for easy access.

Manual heavy duty wheelchair with height adjustable front castors

The wheel forks are adjustable, which adjusts the seat height from the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions:

(general questions and not related to the product)
1- How do I choose a wheelchair size?

Choosing the right wheelchair size is dependent upon many several factors. It depends on:

  • How much room or how compact would you like your wheelchair to be
  • If you want a foldable or compact wheelchair to bring on holiday
  • If you require an electric or manual wheelchair 
  • How tall you are
  • How much you weigh
  • If you are an amputee
2- Is it hard to push a manual wheelchair?

No, it is straightforward to push a manual wheelchair. All of our manual wheelchairs are high-quality products and are lightweight and easy to use. Just move forward, and the wheelchair will quickly go!

3- What's the difference between a wheelchair and a transport chair?

The difference between a wheelchair and a transport chair is straightforward. Wheelchairs have large wheels, so the person sitting inside can easily self-propel and push themselves. They have 8" -12" rear wheels that cannot be reached while sitting in the chairWheelchairs, however, are built with larger 18" -24" wheels topped with an easy-to-grip, rotating handrail that allows users to propel themselves forward. A transport chair is usually used for someone else to push the attendant; however, a wheelchair is self-propelled and suitable for both the user and carer.

4- Can you get a prescription for a foldable wheelchair?
Yes, you can get a wheelchair prescription. A doctor or allied health professional such as an occupational therapist can make the prescription to specify what dimensions and what size they need.
5- How do you cook in a wheelchair?

You can cook in the wheelchair if you have had a home modification done to your home where the sink and stove have been lowered, and there is a space to fit the wheelchair.

Additional information

Weight12.7 kg
Dimensions80 × 30 × 73 cm
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