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Wheelchair Aluminium Ramp with Two Folds For Cars, Vans, Minivans and Station Wagons


✅ 350kg weight capacity

✅ Perfect for traveling

✅ Easy wheelchair access

✅ Aluminium Wheelchair ramp Two folds

✅ Compact and versatile

✅ Compliance with the Australian NSW State Law



Vehicle mounted foldable wheelchair light compact aluminium ramp for cars vans minivans mini vehicles Disability Car conversions Total Solutions!

The ramp can be used to load Wheelchairs and Scooters for Cars, Vans, Utes, and Vans. This ramp is locked by two buckles that are on two sides of the ramp. When the ramp is needed, the user can simply unlock both buckles when unlocked, hold the handrail and pull the ramp forward. The three parts of the ramp will form a slope that can help your wheelchair or scooter into/out of the vehicle.


This incredible lightweight Wheelchair Access Ramp presents a new approach to ramp designs. The innovative design includes several features focusing on simplicity, lightness and ease to use while being super reliable and strong.



  • Manually operated
  • Lightweight – aluminium patterned design construction
  • Load rated to 350kg
  • Non-slip surface with ramp edges
  • No welded components
  • Easy removal and re-installation of the ramp
  • Gas strut, side handles and wheels make it effortless to open and close

The patterns on the aluminium construction reduce the weight and pressing and bending of the sheets increases rigidity. The edges of the ramp along with the non-slip surface are both two important features to ensure safe use.

GEBMWR303 Access Ramp is free from welding in fabrication and assembly. Aluminium products when welded can fatigue over time under heavy load increases the risk of breaking which Gilani Engineering Access Wheelchair Ramp design eliminates these risks.

The ramp is all load rated to carry up to 350kg. It is useful not only for the application in the disability sector but also for industry and trade when heavy items need to be wheeled into a vehicle easily and safely.

Securing the Ramp to the floor of the vehicle is provided by four wing-nuts. The extremely light design, ensures the anchoring points for the ramp platform require minimal structural modifications to the vehicle, avoiding significant floor reinforcement.

Once fixation points are fitted, removal and re-installation of the ramp take only a few minutes. No tools are required to remove the wing-nuts and the Ramp can be carried by hand. The unit’s weight on average is 45kg.

The Access Ramps come fitted with two quick-release fasteners to avoid inadvertent opening. The two gas struts and side handles make for smooth effortless opening/closing.

  • Consists of 3 plate panels which are connected by hinges to fold and unfold
  • Patterns on plates to prevent skidding and create the lightweight and high load capacity
  • Air springs on the sides of the ramp making easy operation, and to avoid ramp unfolding on its own when emergency brakes are on
  • the compact design can be used for wheelchairs, scooters, light pack wagons suitcases and more
  • can be installed in cars, vans, utes, minivans and small trucks
  • Materials: Aluminium
  • Own Weight: around 45kgs
  • foldable or not: foldable
  • Loading Capacity: 350kgs
  • Measurements: 810*2210mm
  • Length when Folded: 
  • Installation: At The Rear Door of Vehicle
  • Driven Type: Manual
  • Running Mode: Stationary

Additional information

Weight45 kg
Dimensions230 × 89 × 49 cm
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