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Adjustable Height Commode Chair for Shower Bath and Toilet


✅ Shower Commode Chair

✅ Removable Potty for easy cleaning

✅ Adjustable Legs for personal comfort

✅ Recommended for Seniors, Aged Cares and people With Disabilities

✅ Comfortable Cushion Armrest and Seat

✅ Weight capacity: 110 kg

✅ NDIS, Disability and Aged Care Approved Commode Chair

Available on back-order


The Best Adjustable Height Shower Commode Chair for Shower Bath and Toilet

We aim to provide the best care possible regarding a product's safety and comfort. This Adjustable Shower Commode Chair does just that. It has adjustable leg rests that help chooses the height you are most comfortable at. This Shower Commode Chair has a Commode Toilet Potty, which makes it easier and safer when going to the bathroom. You will eliminate the fear and risk of falling or needing assistance going to the bathroom.

Toilet Shower chair with removable commode

Toilet Shower chair with removable commode

You can use the Portable Toilet Transfer Shower Commode Chair in different places around the house, including:

  • The kitchen
  • The living room
  • The shower
  • The bath
  • The toilet
  • Your bedroom
  • In a hallway

Who would this product be suitable for?

  • Someone with low levels of strength
  • Someone with low levels of mobility
  • A carer that has low strength
  • Someone who has a shower but not a bath and cannot use a shower
  • Someone with vision issues

Advantages of a Portable Shower Commode Chair Transfer

If you don't usually use a shower bench when showering, consider these advantages, and you may want to get one.  Consider the shower stall size and the tub side height when choosing a shower bench.  There are a variety of sizes and features available.  We recommend the kind that has a contoured plastic seat with drain holes in the middle because they are the easiest to clean.  A backrest is reasonable but not necessary for everyone. Consider the balance and stability of the user when choosing one with a backrest or without the backrest. A padded seat is also comfortable but not required.

Steps for Safe Use of your Shower Commode Chair Transfer

  1. Stand with the bench touching the back of your legs, stabilise yourself using hand holds on a court or grab bars on the wall, and sit slowly. Don't "flop" down on the seat.
  2. Scoot back as far as you can with both legs still outside the tub.
  3. Lift one leg over the tub's edge at a time. Your assistant can help you.
  4. Position yourself so that you're seated all the way comfortably in the tub and you're ready for your shower.
  5. Finished with your shower, dry your feet to prevent slipping and repeat the process in reverse.

Features of this Shower Commode Chair:

  • Foldable for easy storage and travel
  • High-quality, minimal flex plastic seat.
  • Pail with lid included for use as a bedside commode.
  • Armrest to assist with transfers.
  • Fitted with suction tips for added safety.
  • Height adjustable to suit most users' requirements.
  • Manufacture with a lightweight aluminium frame
  • Powder coated textured finish for improved grip.

Specifications of this Shower Commode Chair:

  • Material: Aluminium Frame with Plastic Seat and Backrest
  • Colour: Silver Frame and Light Blue Seat
  • Backrest Height from Seat: 45 cm
  • Leg Height Range: 12-16
  • Chair Height Range: 89 x 85 cm
  • Seat Dimensions (Width x Length): 43 x 43 cm
  • Chair Dimensions (Width x Depth): 59 x 58 cm
  • Commode Dimensions (Width x Length): 25 x 34 cm
  • Weight Capacity: 100 kg

Frequently Asked Questions:

(general questions and not related to the product)
1- Can you use a commode in the shower?

shower commode is a chair with an open seat that can be used in the shower or positioned over the toilet. They are designed to assist those who have difficulties using the toilet or standing for extended periods in the rain.

2- Can a commode go over a toilet?

Commodes can be used over the toilet to provide the needed elevation for individuals that have difficulty getting on and off the toilet. Our commodes replace the need for a raised toilet seat and toilet safety frame.

3- How often should a commode be emptied?

It would help if you were emptying and cleaning the commode every time it is used. This will eliminate odours, and it is not healthy to have all the air-born bacteria in the room that your loved one lives in. It is essential to empty the bucket after each use, clean it and then disinfect it.

Additional information

Weight5.6 kg
Dimensions100 × 32 × 32 cm
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