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Folding Suitcase Ramp With Anti Slip Surface Wheelchair Step Access 300cm

✅ Folding Suitcase Ramp

✅  Foldable for Easy Travel and Storage

✅  Recommended for Seniors, Elderly, Aged cares, People with Disabilities

✅ Two Variations: Gritted Surface, Plain Surface

✅  Suitable for Schools, Hospitals, Shops, Doctors, Homes and Other Buildings

✅  NDIS Approved Ramp



Folding Suitcase Ramp With Anti Slip Gritted Surface for wheelchair

This Lightweight and Portable Folding Wheelchair Folding Suitcase Ramp can carry weights of up to 275kg whilst folding in half like a suitcase for easy storage. This multipurpose Folding Suitcase Ramp can be used for manual and electric wheelchairs, scooters, Walkers, Prams, Shopping Trolleys and any other Disability Device.

It can be used in Aged cares, Nursing homes, Hospitals, Shopping Centres, Doctor and at your Home. The Multipurpose Ramp will assist the user in safely getting from one level to another without risking injury whilst using the steps.

Features of this Folding Suitcase Ramp:

  • Foldable and Compact Design
  • Portable
  • Gritted surface for extra grip
  • Suitcase design for easy transport
  • anti-slip to prevent injury
  • Two Variations: Gritted Surface, Plain Surface

Specifications of this Folding Suitcase Ramp:

  • Weight Capacity: 270 kg
  • Net Weight: 28 kg
  • Gross Weight: 30 kg
  • Max Recommended Height: 300mm
  • Easy to fold, unfold and carry
  • Unfolded Dimensions: L: 300cm * W: 73 cm * H: 8 cm
  • Folded Dimensions: L:153 cm * W: 38 cm * H: 24 cm
  • Side Edge height: 3 cm
  • Over lap lip length: 5 cm
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Frequently Asked Questions:

(general questions and not related to the product)
1- What is a Portable Suitcase Ramp?

Portable Suitcase Ramps are sloped pathways inside and outside buildings to provide access between vertical levels. Ramps offer an alternative to stairs for wheelchair users, people with mobility issues and people with prams, bicycles and other wheeled items.

2- Are Ramps safe?

Ramps are designed for high traffic and use in all weather conditions. Temporary ramps can support your mobility aid, and most ramps help 275-362 Kg of weight. The ramps are safe, and their design provides a smooth, gradual transition over mobility hurdles like stairs.

3- What can I use my Folding Suitcase Ramp with?

You can use this Folding Ramp with Manual and Electric Wheelchairs, Scooters, Prams and Shopping Trolleys. As long as your wheelchair, scooter, or pram is the Australian Standard size, the Suitcase Ramp can be accessible to your device.

Additional information

Weight31 kg
Dimensions54 × 35.5 × 22 cm
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